Scarlet Rose Passer's Birth Announcement


The announcement is a folding card, 4.5 inches by 6.25 inches (folded size)

Here is the outside:

Then you open it, and see this:

It looks much better at 720 dpi, of course, and with the full color range.

I asked them for some pictures to choose from, and while they were looking for them, the photo arcade pictures fell out of an envelope. I immediately had an idea for a card. The bonus was that I found not only pics of the two of them in that style, but also pics with the baby. The card design just grew from there. In case it does not "read", the color in the "something was missing" on the front is exactly what is behind it on the inside: part of the baby's head.

I was very impressed with the fact that the Epson Stylus Photo printer could print both sides of 46lb coated card stock, and not only not get bleedthrough, but almost perfect registration. None of the cards were off by more than 1/32nd of an inch. I used 8.5 x 11 inch card and cut them flush with the pictures.